Non-sensery Rhymes I__The guide book

Turns out one mathematical minded friend couldn’t get the weird sense of humor that I’ve come to develop.
Thought, before introducing Part II of the Non-Sensery Series (gosh i make it sound so important, don’t i?), I’d give the readers a guide to Miss Specs’ weird sense of humor. 😀

There was a young lady named Banker,
Who slept while the ship lay at Anchor,
She awoke in dismay,
When she heard the mate say,
‘Hi! Hoist up the top sheet and spanker!’

Top Sheet and Spanker are parts of a ship…but it was supposed to be read aloud as “hoist up the top sheet and spank her!”

Then there was:
She frowned and called him Mr.
Because in sport he Kr.
And so, in spite,
That very nite,
The Mr.Kr.Sr.

Therefore, analogously, Kr.= Kissed her and Sr.= Sister

A girl who weighed many an Oz.

Used language I dare not pronOz,
For a fellow unkind,
Pulled her chair out behind,
Just to see, or so he said, if she’d bOz!

Read all Oz as ‘ounce’ and you’ll get the joke.

*sigh* seems i get a bit too much for some people. Ha.

I got up in the morning today and found i was running a fever…around 104. And that familiar head ache. Aha..i think I’ve had fever for the past two three days and i didn’t really realize it. A paracetamol took good care of it, but no wonder i was feeling so awful. And the vacation. We’re all going somewhere as a family after so long…if i had to stay inside, it really won’t be fun; for me, and for the person who’ll have to stay with me (most probably my mom). She needs a vacation too.

So, lets see what develops. Keep me in your prayers.

On the brighter side, yesterday we took the delivery of a new car……the stork said it was too heavy. He doesn’t do home deliveries any more these days, anyhow. 😉 So we got ours from the dealer. But this morning when i got out of the house to come to University, i saw some one in the car…and froze. I was thinking whether to scream or what and if i’d be shot and get resucitated by a handsome doctor and we’d fall in love and get married and live near the hospital and and and…i found two of my siblings sitting in the car. I was all like ‘WHAT are you two doing here?!?!’ I mean, it was like seven in the morning…till they shared that they were just enjoying the ‘new car smell’ !!!!

Oh the good old days of unpretentious childhood…i wish i could be that open about my feelings…but ah heck. I’m with friends here so i might as well say it; i wanna take deep sniffs like a cheapie who has never seen a car and enjoy that new car smell too!

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6 Responses to Non-sensery Rhymes I__The guide book

  1. Boo! says:

    Thanks =P

    Waisay the only one i needed help with was the Mr Kr Sr… that one is seriously messed up!

  2. boba says:

    hope you have a nice vaykayshun!

  3. Miss Specs says:

    Oh thanks people…you are all too nice!

  4. Safa says:


  5. Cherry says:

    How about:

    Little birdie in the sky…
    Why did you do that in my eye?
    I did not laugh.
    I did not cry.
    I just thanked God that cow’s don’t fly.

    (Safa there is some gobar for ya)

  6. Miss Specs says:

    Safa: Thankyou for the detailed comment…:D

    Cherry…no gobar flinging on my property please.

    He he…nice to have all of you here. Times are gonna be fun…:D

    episode two is coming up soon…:D

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