Tangential Thoughts…

Dear all,
Have you guys ever heard of the term ‘lateral thinking’? Oh…alright. Am I the only one who hasn’t?
Here’s a story for those who have:
There was once a man who went to a great lawyer of his time who also dabbled in philosophy. He wanted to learn the law but had nothing to pay the guy with. Looking at the brilliance of the student, the lawyer offered to teach him if and only if he would repay him after he won his first case. The student agreed.
Years passed and he excelled at his studies. After finishing, he went on to open a business and ventures of a varying nature, never, at any time, going near the court of law. The philosopher/lawyer/teacher saw his student flourishing and went to ask for his dues, which, by now, the former student could well afford. The student simply thrust the agreement in his face stating that he was under no obligation to pay him till he ‘won his first case.’ He hadn’t.
The teacher thought…and thought…and thought. Finally, he told the student, ‘I am going to challenge you in court for the dues outstanding. If I win the case, you’ll have to pay me by virtue of the Order of the Court. If I lose…you WIN and you have to honor our agreement by giving me the money when you win the case. So, now, you better pay up. I end up getting the money either ways.’
Here’s where lateral logic jumped in. The student calmly replied, ‘No, I would not have to pay you either ways. Because if you win, I lose and by virtue of the agreement we signed, I do not have to pay you. And if I WIN the case in Court that means the Government decided that I do not have to pay you. So, I will not pay you either ways.’
Who’s right?
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10 Responses to Tangential Thoughts…

  1. mousehunter says:

    hehe…I like this story, and I’m no lawyer, but I think they are each correct by 50%. If you consider their original contract binding (we must assume), once the terms of the contract are taken to court, the court’s ruling supercedes the terms of the contract.

    p.s. looks like u’re blog is being spammed. 🙂

  2. 'liya says:

    lol I’m confused :S

  3. Haleem says:

    moral of the story – lawyers will screw you.

  4. Marigold says:

    Ok.. I’m confused. Can’t you talk more about FRIENDS’ episodes? I get those better…

  5. Fatimah says:

    yah i agree with haleem and marigold….. :p
    lets talk abt friends, screw the lawyers :p

  6. naz says:

    I didn’t quite understand the lateral thinking way of looking at it, I think we need the dummies version! xx

  7. Humz says:

    I think we need more “lateral thinking” in today’s society where we are programmed to think a certain way and a certain way only (thanks to BBC and CNN).

  8. Miss Specs says:

    Mouse Hunter_ I think so too. And @ spam…sometimes, spammers are the only ones who leave comments. Ha ha ha. Joking. I just don’t like putting things on moderation…its so boring. 🙂

    ‘Liya_ Join the club. 🙂

    Haleem_ Now THAT’S the spirit!!

    Marigold_ What FRIENDS? Who? *fake innocent look*

    Fatimah_ Ha ha…If a lawyer comes this way and sees this, don’t blame me.

    Naz_ This was supposed to be for dummies. Where have you heard of a course that’s called ‘Thinking’?? (I feel like a retard sitting there. I hope i don’t get a C :D)

    Humz_ Welcome to the blog! And touche to that!

  9. mE says:

    well from lateral point of view, the teacher should be happy that he taught such well to his student

    from the other view of an agreement and then breach of agreement and calling in an arbiter (in thie case the court), both parties agree to settle the matter by the judgement of the arbiter, thus the agreement in question has been rendered disputable. In this senario if the court rules in favor of the teacher, then court thinks that the teacher should get the money regardless of the agreement and if the court thinks student should give the money then the sutdent must payup.

    You cannot have the best of the both worlds…

  10. Miss Specs says:

    Yeah. I guess the court ruling would be it. Because that stands supreme over all.

    Ha ha…i had fun with this!

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