Financial planners who will spend my paycheck for me…

Yesterday, at work (notice the amount of liberty I take with the word ‘work’) the head analyst paid a visit and discovered that the interns they are paying (for its not in vogue to pay interns here in Pakistan) aren’t really doing anything. So, today, we’re getting transferred 😦  Lets see where they throw us.


By some strange co-incidence, three of us have started working at the same time. My sister S is teaching Montessori and makes way more than me. Someone had mistakenly told me Finance paid good money. 😦 My brother has started an online job and is making more than the two of us put together. It goes without saying that Matt is the biggest recipient of benefits but sometimes he’s too much of a brat.

Yesterday, over breakfast, he says that he’s tried of having lunch from the bakery so we should make him pies like his friend brings.

‘The oven doesn’t work,’ my sister pointed out and since we live in a rented house, my father’s not likely to buy a really good one. We can’t lug it around with us to a new house. Its such a waste of money that my Dad will never get it.

‘Well,’ Matt says, ‘ you can … when you get your pay check, you can easily get a really good oven.’

My sister and I exchange a look

‘Its not very expensive,’ Matt adds.

‘Really?’ I say, ‘Then I won’t get you whatever you wanted and get the oven instead.’

‘No,’ he says, ‘see, after you’ve bought A‘s present and mine, you still have a lot of money left over. Like after you get stuff for us, you’ll still have *he stops to calculate* half of your paycheck left. And S can add in hers and we can buy a really nice oven.’

I leaned over the table ‘That leftover is my money’

Matt ‘what do you want money for?’

Me: ‘No presents for you. You can buy an oven with your Eid money. Eid is in Spetember so you don’t have to wait too long.

Matt: ‘You are kind of mean’

Me: ‘I’m very mean’.

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14 Responses to Financial planners who will spend my paycheck for me…

  1. Alisha says:

    Matt is just tooooo cute!!!

    😉 He’s trouble in compact packaging, that’s what he is!

  2. д§mд says:

    thats what younger sibs are for 😛

    I remember keeping check of my sibs pays too 😛 😀

    *chuckles ~ life is fun when you are young*

    Well, and then we the eldest get blamed for everything! Mazay kertey hoay kuch yad nahin rehta choton ko!

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  4. Naseem says:

    Sounds like a conversation my brother and I would have. lol

    Is it? Eeek!

  5. mistika says:

    I just came upon your blog and I am in love with is. Is great!

    Welcome, Mistika! Do come back! Its nice to have new people contributing!

  6. Sumera says:

    Ive never kept an eye on how much the young one’s got paid – but did protest when they were stingy with money! esp when it came to treating me :p

    Hehehe, well you should! But planning my checque is another thing altogether!

  7. Haleem says:

    The older one is stuck with paying for everything all the time.

    You sound like you talk from experience!

  8. boba says:

    Yay for older brothrs and sisters who pay for all my needs! Haha 🙂 Alhough, I do occasionally have to give in to Feesa 😦

    I want an older brother too!! 😥

  9. Ordinary Girl says:

    Hi there,

    Seems like you got a paid internship. Congrats! I have been out of touch for so long, I need to go through all the old posts 🙂

    Anyways, since I am looking for some new work, your brother’s online job intrigues me, do tell what kind of job it is? 🙂

    I wrote about that on your blog. Hope it answered your queries. E-mail me if you want to know anything more 🙂

  10. AD says:

    never have i had a paid internship!
    thank God my years of that are over!

    😦 Well, I have to start at the bottom!

  11. studentin96 says:

    Hahaha, he is really one piece of work, your Matt, so cute!

    hehehe 🙂

  12. Cavaliere says:

    I think Matt is smart !

    He’s a chalak totta.

  13. mubi says:

    haha Matt is one clever kid 😀

    Total chalak popat.

  14. smacula says:

    jus because you calculate finance does not mean you get finance… i think 😀

    good un 😀

    my bros like that… da lil… or used to be … 😀

    Hey, I get finance just fine! Its computers that are my undoing!

    Used to be? Phir kiya hoa?

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