Juicy post…Mmmmm :-)

Okay, I’m in a mood to give in to the juicy post requests 🙂 So hmm, lets talk dresses and makeup and bitch about the in-laws.


Wait, no, it wasn’t me who said that. I don’t know who did *looks around*


So, hmm, well then, take your cup of tea and sit back. Comfortable now? Well… lets see…


You want something over your feet? Oh ow! Stop throwing things at me, I’m getting to the story, I’m getting to it!


Really, all that happened was my mum asked me about THE guy and I went, ‘mmmmm’. Don’t take that to mean I meant yummy or something. It was just an expression of… consent. Haha. Personally, I’m still a bit woozy at the speed with which all this came about. It’s really out of the blue but I guess when these things happen, they do.


The guy has just moved to England. No, he’s not mean. No, I didn’t tell anyone at work but two people. Because this may come as a shocker, I keep mum about my personal life out of the cyber world. Not because I want to… of course you know I never stop chattering 😛 It’s just that in a city the size of Islamabad, things come back to bite you in a bad way. One person lets something slip out and you’re done. And even if its good news, not everyone is happy for you.

However, I did tell the two people I get along well with in the new place. And they’ve not stop ribbing me since. 

I came back from a meeting and since we leave our cell-phones at our desks, I was just about to check mine when remembered something else  and turned away from the phone. Ali (he’s a guy) and Zubi (she’s a girl) exchange a ‘look’ and I give them a questioning one in return. ‘You forgot to turn your phone on silent before you left. Its been ringing off the hook,’ Ali smirks.

‘You should’ve turned it off, then,’ I said getting more and more confused about the barely suppressed smiles.

‘It was a 0044 number,’ says Zubi and the only thing I think is, ‘Oh someone called me from England.’

So many people in England have my number. It could be anybody, right!

I picked up my cell phone and checked. No missed calls. Oh damn it! I’d been had. Sure enough, the moment I looked up from the phone those two slapped each other a high five and made fun of me all day after that. 😦 😦  They seem to twist in marriages and England into every conversation. Oh and the ring. They’ve really teased me to tears, those two have. I’m hoping it will wear off after a while but there’s no sign of it.


Dress:  I had a pink chiffon shalwar kameez for the engagement. With small flowers embroidered on it with silver thread. That made finding the shoes very easy, for who can’t find good silver high-heels! But the makeup oh-so-hard.  Did I mention pink nail-polish sucks too? And that I had to go and buy colored nail polish one because I don’t have any but those that come in French Manicure Kits. 😦

 I’m going out of the city for a wedding so I’m planning on checking out the dresses there. In Pakistan we usually have a pastel colored dress for the walima which is the function hosted by the groom’s family. So I really want a traditional red for the wedding. I get stuck with pinks and greens and all shades of pastel for everything just because I can wear them but I don’t want to. I want something traditional for the wedding…  Red!! (even though that makes me look horrible). Reds and blacks seem to suck the color out of my cheeks; I have no idea why. Suggestions?

And any idea for dresses will be nice!

Oh and since I’m heading out of the city the very next week, how about leaving me suggestions for some dresses in the comments? And if you’re from Lahore, we’re going to visit it for some shopping so tell me the places where I can get reasonably priced wedding stuff. Is there a large amount of haggling required?


Okay, that’s enough with the dresses. Its making my head hurt now, all this shopping talk.


I ddin’t say anything about what? Oh them. Yeah the In-Laws.

Seriously, they’re nicer than everything else put together, Masha’Allah. My MIL’s been calling every single day and having a short chat with me so she’s someone who knows how to draw the line between caring and  intrusive (which is great). The families get on together really well so that’s great too. In fact, Matt has bonded with his youngest brother and though they share the same designation of ‘youngest brother’, they have a good 10 year age difference. :S Go figure the bond. I hear when my mum was in their city and stayed over with Matt, he stayed up till 4:00 in the morning arguing and laughing and telling stories to the lad.

So, I’m happy about the families getting on well.

What else… hmm.. I guess its your turn to ask questions again!

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33 Responses to Juicy post…Mmmmm :-)

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  2. Marigold says:

    First of all…… very few people reading this are happier than I am for you!! I absolutely punched a fist in the air when I saw that post on my wall!! But……..

    ……..You silly silly girl.. how about something about the actual guy??????? DUUH!!!!! Stop being all vague and smart and tell us about THE GUY!!!! I will withold my precious suggestions about the DRESS until you part with some more useful information than the flowers on your engagement outfit!!!!

    AND……. the comment about your MIL being nice etc. cracked me up well… you DO realize that you will be taking THAT back very soon? You also realize that there is no way you can decide right now that she is not intrusive?? I hate to be a killjoy but your precious naivitee is just darling to behold!! Surely, you don’t think we mere mortals didn’t just LOOOVE our MILS at first…? But that’s ok.. cherish these moments of initial MIL-love.. goodness knows they’re precious few (the love moments, that is, not MILs)!!

    Having said all that… congratulations… love love love you and super happy for you!! MUAH!!!!!

    • Specs says:

      Zalim Samaj, stop making dark prophecies. Let me be happy for a day.

      Did you really LOVE your MIL? Hahaha, Mari that’s ace 😉 … and you need to check your mail.

      Erm, WHAT do you want to know about the actual guy? Ask me and I shall tell!

  3. nadia says:

    Go for the traditional wedding dress, in red. I had mine in a darker shade, like maroon (I’m horrible at identifying colors accurately).

    It’s nice to know that both families have grown to like each other, and that your MIL seems to be a sweet person. If you give her the respect and “rutba” of a mother, then she’ll love you as her own daughter, inshaAllah. Love and respect is contagious like that.

    Enjoy the shopping!

  4. Humaira says:

    Well, I still can’t believe how this happened Specs, one minute you’re merrily regaling us with stories of rishtas and now you’re engaged Mashallah!

    And yes, please do tell of your honai wala! What’s he like apart from quiet? Will you be moving to England? And if so YAY cos I’m in England!

    Ahem. As for wedding dress talk my mum says the same thing to me, red doesn’t suit me, but I want to wear it Inshallah when its my time!

    BUT I think if you wear red lower down and a light coloured top if you’re going the Lehenga way, that might work. I don’t know, so check out the options when you go shopping!

    • Specs says:

      I don’t know when it happened either, Humaira! I think I’ve had, hands down, the weirdest rishta experiences ever!

      And yes, I’ll be moving to England, Insha’Allah. It’ll be great to mee all of you guys 😀

      I’m not for mixing colors; just not my thing! I rarely wear bright/bold colors so they make me look all fancy shmancy even if they’re not very formal. So I just wanna get a red one with kundan work on it!

  5. Neena says:

    Yeah, what about the guy, is he for real ;)? Tell us about his looks. England will suit you and its so much fun, you can even go for PhD there, if you’re still into it.

    Don’t worry if your MIL lives faraway then you’ll love her no matter what just like me.

    As for the dress – red isn’t my color either but I still went for deep red and my mom suggested little blue here and there and ….. with the help (read: lot of) of popular makeup artist I ended up as a lovely bride. My suggestion go for red and with right makeup and jewelry you’ll do fine, if you still confused then get it with some other color like shown here

  6. Minerva says:

    Are you in Khi? I’d suggest Bina Khan. Or Shamain who did my makeup. I looked like myself thank God.

    Trust someone who can make you look like YOU.

    Kher all the best with everything. As long as you are happy on the big day, makeup and dresses can only come second.

  7. Minerva says:

    And I think all this business about inlaws being horrible is an Indian-movie-drama created myth. My in-laws are great and if yours are great too you really don’t think you’re being a ‘naivete’.

  8. Minerva says:

    really don’t need to* think you’re being a naivete

  9. boba says:

    Why not wear blue? When you come to England tell your man to move up North so I don’t have to make the three hour journey every time I want to see you. Although….if you want to stay clos to other people *ahem ahem* just stay there.

  10. iMuslim says:

    Reds and blacks seem to suck the color out of my cheeks

    Yeah, that’s natural, especially for fair peeps. Some blusher should sort that out, and perhaps red lipstick… but be careful with the shades and amounts, as you may end up with clown-face! 😉

  11. studentin96 says:

    Aaaah! Cherie! Congratulations! Sorry I haven’t been reading for a long time! But I am so happy for you! Congrats congrats!

  12. Sumera says:

    Congrats! 😀 now the headache of wedding clothes, jewellery etc begins :p

    And prepare for the horrible England 😀

  13. You’re here in Islamabad? D: Yeah, I understand that small city size thing. Sab hi aik doosray ko jantay hain. 😦 You add someone on fb and you already have 15 mutual friends or something. *slaps forehead* But Islamabad is still cool. And this comment has nothing to do with your post. 😀

    Dresses.. T_T

    • Specs says:

      My SISTER knows you, Islamabad IS small, dude 😉 She had a lot to say about you becoming B-Ball captain… Bhai mairay, duniya bahut chotee hey 😉 Kal she was telling someone on the phone, Oye woh mairee behn ka dost hey and I’m like whaaa, woh maira erm, bloggie bud hey…

  14. mubi says:

    hehehe since everyone is asking for ap kay woh. i too will keep some shopping tips in lahore with me until you reveal something about ‘un kay kin kay koun kay’ 😀 😀

    this post wasnt juicy enough :p more juice pls

  15. Ag says:

    So happy for you and so jealous that you get to do the wedding shopping. Over here in India, the dulhe wale do the bride’s wedding dress shopping 😦

    More juice about the d00d pleis.

  16. Feesa says:

    lol, how funny is that I was also going to suggest blue.Yeah, move up north that would be soo cool

  17. Gaia says:

    Soooo happy for you mA 🙂 You’ll love England (but apply for the visa well in advance!). A friend got married last December and she’s *still* waiting to join her husband in London…
    Oh and if you’re going to Lahore, get shoes from Ehsan Chappal Store 🙂 (it’s in Liberty)

  18. lovetodaydream says:

    I don’t think your mil has to turn into evil mil, there are some good mils out there!!! And specially since you will live far from her, it should be fine:-) As for the clothes, sorry I can’t help you there…

  19. TFL says:

    Pictures!!!! The ring, the dress and anything else you can share! Hopefully your mil will be great through out! And the shaadi shopping, either its going to go your way or your mums way… be prepared for a whole lot of aaisa hota hai, yeh sab deetay hain, dinner sets for 12 people and the crowning glory, the compulsory bedroom fridge =) Ive given up now, it wasnt getting me anywhere!
    Wedding dress wise go for red, the right makeup wont make you look pale and look at baandini if you know what that is.

  20. mcpagal says:

    salaam and congrats on the great news! are you really moving to england, cause that’s way cool. on account of its close proximity to scotland 😉

  21. Haleem says:

    wedding dress is traditional.. I like red! 🙂 and saris… haha

    people in England are seriously great – even with their bad food! You will love England.

  22. 'liya says:

    Please share photos of the clothing you wear!!!

  23. Alisha says:

    I was about to ask u the same thing: pictures!! 🙂
    I think brides look stunning in red. 🙂

  24. Aarushi says:

    hey Miss Specs, Congratulations!!!!! May you have a wonderful wedding and married life 🙂
    Juicy posts is all we want 🙂 , I thought red was compulsory in weddings, just be natural and you’ll look wonderful
    and please don’t stop writting when you get married

    tk care

  25. UTP says:

    I feel out of place but I love happy posts…no matter which gender its coming from… stay happy…

  26. falakk says:


    RED. Red, red, red. It’s a STUNNING colour. You will look beautiful 🙂

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