The ‘S’ word

If you thought you’d never hear of a female whose mother was desperate because she wouldn’t go shopping, well, now you have.

I HATE shopping.

My mum’s near tears because I wouldn’t go shopping. In fact, she said she’ll get my wedding dress myself which made me realize I’ve given the world too much space. When I acted very shocked at the suggestion, she looked shocked that I was shocked. She thought I’d be okay with the idea, the situation’s that bad. Not to mention when I went shopping with the In-Laws, I made some major blunders like … well…

MIL and Mum *whisper *whisper *point *point* while I trail behind running my hand over cloth trying to see if touch can make me more cloth savvy when…

Mum: Oh Specs, check this. It’s so pretty.

Me: For the sofas?

Mum: :O

If she wouldn’t keep on pointing random things out as ‘pretty’ I would’ve known it was stuff women wear and not sofa cloth. And that ruddy Saleem Fabrics in Lahore is such a hotch potch of a four storied cloth store. How is a girl to know!


My mum lifted up the shawl and looked at me.

MIL looks at me.

I reluctantly look at the cloth.

‘You want it Specs?’ asks my mum.

‘Yes. If I want to look like a walking talking masjid,‘ I say.

*cue arm pinch* OW!!

I mean the thing had those arches on it, okay? And a dome-like design. All it was missing was a fountain and you’d have it all. Give me a break!


So yesterday when I went to this hoity toity store, I actually liked some stuff that my mum wrinkled her nose at. I thought I’d not buy that because she was shouldering the bill but since I would have to come again if I didn’t buy it all this time, I went ahead and bought everything that tickled my fancy (read: looked wearable). I literally shopped till I dropped, although that had more to do with my uncomfortable shoes than anything else. But you get the gist.

The bill was so huge it made my jaw drop. It pained my economist miser soul to the core but hey, what had to be done was done. Yay!

‘We’re done with shopping for the wedding,’ I tell my dad. I even bought myself a pack of frozen pepperoni to eat because I was so happy and that’s my ‘happy’ food (go ahead, puke, I don’t care).

‘Yes,’ sighs my Mum, ‘I’m glad she’s done with one part.’

‘What?’ I freeze.

‘Now we only need the formal ones and the every-day wear. We got a few semi formals though you’ll need more.’

‘Those things have sequins on them,’ I point in horror, ‘and its silk. What is more formal than that?!?!?!’

I get the look and my mum turns to my Dad: ‘Seriously, if it were up to your daughter, she’d get married in jeans.’

‘That’s what his mum said about him,’ I smirk, ‘I think we should get…’

My mum looks at me with steam coming out her nostrils.

So I decided to be wise and let it go. I don’t want to be murdered. I mean I’m not even married yet.

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21 Responses to The ‘S’ word

  1. smacula says:

    i have to try so hard jus to log into wordpress to comment i have complete forgotten what i was about to comment on…

    but it may be the fact that i have been dragged and forced to spend a fair bit of time in saleem fabrics…

    that gettin married in jeans sounds cool

    that steam out of nostrils means its seriously cold

    putting specy and desi together (as you did in tag) makes it sound like spicy more than specy!

  2. Ex Refugee says:

    Congrats on your engagement. I hope it works out for you.

  3. nadia says:

    The “sofa”comment got me laughing so hard; I had made a similar comment during my wedding shopping, lol 😀

    Just enjoy everything, Specs 🙂

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  5. naz says:

    I hate fabric shops, I just don’t have the imagination to see the potential outfit things could be, like you all I see is sofa and curtains!

    I agree with nadia though – enjoy it cause you only get the whole wedding experience once, and it really isn’t that bad having everything revolve around you 🙂

  6. Shaadi ki shopping is SO boring. *sighs* Shukar hai I won’t have to buy anything. 😀

    Who is she? >_<__>_<

  7. Gaia says:

    Lol! I’m living the experience vicariously through you 😉

  8. ^agreed!!

    Although I am seriously envious! I’m guessing the fabrics are for the Pakistani traditional clothes… sharwal kameez I believe? They are SO beautiful!!! I want pics =D

    Good luck with the rest!! Andd… CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I disappear from the blogging world for THREE WEEKS and you get engaged!??!


  9. shiny says:

    lol at souvenirsandscars. made me wonder for moment what the correct word for ‘sharwal’ really is. 🙂
    and all of this sounds soooo much fun. man i know so many ppl in the blogsphere getting married! all of it is such fun 😀 and yes, i’m vicariously living all of them. enjoy it while it lasts, Miss specs! 🙂

  10. farooqk says:

    i thought you chicks loved shopping!

  11. falakk says:

    SOFA fabric? Wow. I thought MY mum had bad taste in clothes! Ha ha! 😀 I don’t think I could take so much shopping. It’s crazy!

  12. Absar says:

    Girl, you’re the most under-enthused bride-to-be that I’ve seen till-date. I mean, most girls I’ve known fall into two categories – Eeeek! ImgettingmarriedImgettingmarriedImgettingmarried! or OHmyGODImfreakingoutImgettingmarried. And your reaction is “Ugh, shopping!?”? 😛

  13. Haleem says:

    Haha enjoy.. you will have “sofa”, “table cloth” and “rainbow” clothes soon..!

    Oh my, the suitcases were full when we married… and I am a guy!

    Now I have 7 pairs of suits that looks like Amitabh Bachchan must have wore them… seriously they are so out of date. I am glad I did my own shopping.

  14. boba says:

    I’m so dreading all this. You’re not helping either.

  15. Neena says:

    My situation was quite similar to you (I moved to the US right after I got married) but my father came to my rescue and calmed down my mother by saying she won’t need all these stupid and expensive clothes and furniture in the US so why waste money. But my mother still prepared quite few clothes to save face in the “family” as she put it and in the end my parents gave me a huge sum of money so I can buy my Jahez in foran land (haha). My husband and I both were students then and all we care about books then but still I did put that money to good use and bought a brand new car and toured the whole country with my hubby and yeah I bought couple of dresses too just for symbolic reasons.

  16. Shawna says:

    I also hate shopping. And I don’t get all the fabrics. I like to keep it casual and comfortable. Okay, it’s mostly because I have issues spending money. Unless it’s on toys for my kids lol. Good luck to you!

  17. Specs says:

    Thank you for the comments/ congratulations, everyone 🙂 Its good to hear people’s experiences with wedding shopping!

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