Command-amendment: Thou Shalt Keep Thyself Updated With The Language of The Age

I really had no idea that not ‘getting with‘ the latest in language could be so detrimental and make you sound like an alien in front of the more informed crowd.

Until I met a similarly linguistically unequipped lady at a dinner.


Everyone was talking about teenagers chatting (read fornication in mum-speak) when she jumped into the conversation:

‘So,’ she says, ‘baitay you CANNOT imagine what happened to me the other day! Bhudda Admee (old man) and he send me an e-mail saying ‘Would you like to be my FRIEND’? I mean he’s 82 and no shame. None at all!’

The ladies around tut-tutted on cue. Mum did the biting-her-lower-lip-while-widening-her-eyes look (try it in the mirror. It’s very scary and chastising)

‘I mean,’ the lady carries on obviously reveling in the intense reaction this got, ‘ why would I want to say he is my friend on Facebook?’

‘Aunty,’ I say, ‘Facebook keeps everything very private so if you add someone in as a ‘friend’, only then can they see your pictures etc (not strictly true, but I can’t explain privacy settings to her at this point!). So maybe he sent it to everyone in his contact list from Hotmail.’

The lady looked down her nose at me, ‘I think I know what FRIEND means, baita. You don’t understand. He sent me an e-mail saying ‘XYZ would like to add you as a friend and it even had his picture with it!!! tauba tauba

‘Err, like a picture of his face? Those are there on Facebook’ (I was trying to simplify ‘profile picture’)

‘NO!’ she says, ‘a picture of him FISHING.’

I give up.

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28 Responses to Command-amendment: Thou Shalt Keep Thyself Updated With The Language of The Age

  1. nadia says:

    Hahahaha. This lady should definitely delete her Facebook account. Tell her it’s not a decent place for a lady like her to be in.

  2. Minerva says:



    Dear God, is this what it has come to!?

    He shalt repent, he shalt!

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  4. Humaira says:

    Wow, and I thought I had it bad.

    But it did give me chuckle, in his pic he was fishing!

  5. Mezba says:

    My goodness, the shame.

    Can’t wait to see how she would react if someone threw a sheep at her.

  6. abupokemon says:

    Touba Touba indeed. What is the world coming to these days. What next? He would want the aunty to subscribe to his blog or Twitter?

  7. holy wow!

    now i feel so out dated and out of place!

  8. Saadat says:

    Bad Specs. You should’ve politely told that aunty about alternatives like MySpace and Orkut…

    … and then go into hiding.

  9. Haw! :O
    But Farmville is fun!

  10. GeekiSiddiqui says:

    ahahahha. And then the sheep and poke comments! ahahahah 🙂

  11. Sumera says:

    Oh no a “FRIEND” – aka more than just friends. chee chee, tauba tauba :p

  12. masood says:

    lmao.. I can’t help myself laughing in office 🙂

  13. Sophi says:

    haha 😀 and LOL @ the alternatives

    em actually outdated, I dont know about the YoVille …haw

  14. Wakas Mir says:

    hehe aunty ji ko definitly privacy settings ka batana to chahye na 😛

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  16. Alisha says:

    lol Oh it’s hilarious! I would so love to see her reaction when she gets ‘poked’! Hahahaha

  17. mubi says:

    aww she should let the oldie add her..maybe he will take her fishing too ;P

  18. Leena S. says:

    hahahaha…oh lord! i know someone like that too, her fb request ko samajhti hai us per line maari a rahi hai 😛

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