Why I hate thread…

I am sick of the thread. SICK OF IT.

There is thread everywhere.

I wake up in the morning because I feel some in my mouth.

I have thread in my hair. And small sequins too.

I have thread on my sweaters.

There’s thread in the bathroom.

There’s thread e-v-e-r-y  f-r-i-g-g-i-n’  p-l-a-c-e I turn to.

Contrary to what you might’ve been led to believe by now, I haven’t moved to a thread mill- its the half stitched clothes I’m trying on all day long from whence these lovely things originate. This is, by far, the most hated part of the wedding for me. I tried on ONE shirt SIXTEEN times today. SIXTEEN. Every time I had to stand about getting measured and re-measured and poked by pins and … getting touched in weird places (we will not go there). I get pulled out of bed at odd hours on weekend mornings to change right there and then… and excuse me, but its cold.

I look, to put it in my sister’s words, like a druggie. I have black shadows under my eyes, there’s thread or a sequin stuck in my hair, I haven’t put on makeup in days and the CFA exam prep is driving me up the wall.

At work, I’ve just been posted to a new division and the work load is insane. I love every minute of it but… there’s no time for anything else! Right now, my routine goes something like:

5:00 Get up to study

7:30 Get ready for office

8:00 Office

6:00 Leave work. Hit the gym

8:00 Arrive home. Get insulted by mum for not having any shoes or clothes ready for the wedding- must we go over this every single day?! Say ‘What the fuck’ loudly enough for Matt to hear and snigger over. He goes around telling everyone I said the ‘f’ word. Tell him to fuck off. That makes him laugh louder. He’s going to put up a video of me saying that. Fine. What ever the fuck.

9:00 Study

12:00 Check to see if someone is online. He’s not.

1:00 Check to see if someone is online. He’s not.

1:15 Check if someone is online. He’s… you guessed it… NOT.

2:00 He’s online! Me: I’m going to sleep. Him: Good.

2:00 and 20 seconds Gone to sleep.

5:00 Get up and study.

And then my sister says I look like a druggie.

And my work colleagues are startled when I pull out my laptop, find a thread stuck to it and burst into tears.

I… I think I need a hug.

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75 Responses to Why I hate thread…

  1. smee says:

    Now I know what you look like!!

    No wonder you’re unravelling.

  2. boba says:

    Umm, 12-2 am = Go to sleep woman!

  3. Tuba says:



  4. Humaira says:


  5. nadia says:

    Check if someone’s online only once – at midnight – then go to sleep. You need the energy to pull though all the celebrations.


    • Specs says:

      I’ve quit checking. Bus.

      I’m sick of being short on sleep, I’m sick of being headachy, I’m sick of feeling down. I’m going to sleep on time and get up on time like a good girl- right now, i don’t even look like a girl– I look like a ghoul. From Ron Weasly’s attic, no less.

  6. ymiss says:

    Omg! I thought I was the only one who hated thread so much! Went through the same thing last summer. Endless outfits to try on, have refitted etc etc whilst trying to do my dissertation. THe husband on the other hand tried his outfits once before the big day.

    Looking back though it will all be worth it. All the outifts that I thought were pointless all came in use and saved me so much time. Goodluck with it all xx

    • Specs says:

      So many outfits just WASTE time. I’m not choosy about shalwar kameez (because its all universally crap) so I told everyone to get me whatever…. but I still have to get dragged into getting this or that. I hate it!!!!

      I wish I was a guy. 😦 Only the suit to try and no headache.

  7. Gaia says:

    Awwww Specs! I know how you feel! Seriously, I’ve never had to “try on” so many clothes in my entire life.. and hey, at least your someone lets you sleep… Mine likes to talk for hours and hours until I barely know what I’m saying :P…

  8. A desi says:

    awwwwwwwwww hugssssssssssss!!!!!

    as much as thread is buggin you hair fall here and there and always in things i wear is bugging me too!!

  9. mssnaz says:

    I don’t have anything useful to say…but wanted to leave a lil comment so you know I’m still reading! 🙂

  10. Alisha says:

    Aw poor Specs I hope you’re feeling better after all the hugs u got here. Here’s another one: HUG
    Seriously though, you need to sleep! Maybe you should ask ‘him’ to give you the exact time he comes online so that u can arrange ur sleep schedule around it.
    …*shakes head* u REALLY need to sleep. it is one of the best things in one’s life. ;-D

    • Specs says:

      Alisha- I’m not going to ask him the time; it looks too desperate (okay, if I’m desperate, he doesn’t need to know it!!!)

      Sleep and I already don’t get along too well. Even on normal days, an uninterrupted 5 hours is my idea of a good sleep. Now that I’m down to 3, its becoming hard to function. I wish I could pursue it as a sport like other people do! I’ve heard it works wonders!

      Damn, I hate myself.

  11. smacula says:

    it scares me what ‘someone’ has turned you into 😛

    but … yeah… soon this will all be over with… and in an year or two u will start planning your daughters/sons mega wedding…

    just for the sake of vendetta… *evil laugh* muhahahha!

  12. 'liya says:


    Awww, reading your routine made me tired!
    I think you should collect all the little threads and use them as confetti on the wedding day, or start a collection and when you’re married give them to your husband on your first anniversary and say “look what you made me go through.” 😀

    • Specs says:

      Hahaha, ‘Liya! I think I should- no bigger proof of love that *I*, the well known shopping-hater, bling-bling-clothes-hater am actually standing through fittings for him day after day.

      LoLz, the more I think about what you suggest, the more it makes me crack up 😀 I’m actually considering this- God knows there’s enough thread around. LoL!!!

  13. TFL says:

    Good luck with all the clothes! I went to khi for two weeks, to get all the clothes done and that was time enough! I was so sick of all the bazaars by that time, i was glad that i did not have any more time to spend arguing (i.e. bargaining) with random cloth walas!
    Get some sleep woman 🙂

    • Specs says:

      Two weeks would’ve sounded horrific to me 5 months ago- right now, they’re my idea of more than enough time to shop. LoLz. Its such a headache to shop!

      Sleep- am trying! 🙂

  14. Salman Latif says:

    Well….evidently, marraige is sure one heck of a task 😀
    Hopefully, the preamble would be over soon – and with better chapters ahead 😛 🙂

    • Specs says:

      Salman, Salman, that IS the problem- the WEDDING is one heck of a task- Marriage? Bah, who even cares. :-S It surprises me how myopic people are- and our parents too. No one has sat me down and told me I’m supposed to manage things properly, how to deal with in-laws, husband, finances, the questions to bring up, what I need to discuss with him beforehand etc. Nothing. Its just kaprey, jootay and functions.

      And Ameen to the last line! 🙂

  15. good luck with all the clothes! hope all your hard work (trying them on) pays off 🙂

  16. hfm says:

    Gosh, sounds tiring.
    I love this font that I’m typing in 😀 What’s it called?

    Anyhoww, you really seem like you need a girls’ night out, it really works wonders 🙂

  17. Awww cheer up! You’re getting married for goodness sake! There’s going to be a wedding. There will be a cake. (There will be a cake right?)

    Danger! You have linonophobia. Seek immediate assistance from local psychologist.

    Alright, *hugs*. But I demand one back in return!

  18. Saadat says:

    Look at it this way: You might mutate and develop a superpower involving… threads. Then you can call yourself Thread-Lady, shoot threads from your wrists, and even make a whole new dress for yourself using your super-threads. Cool, right?

    (Yeah, I’ve been reading about super-heroes on Wikipedia lately.)

  19. Minerva says:

    LOL @ saadat’s comment.

    all the best with the preps. they’re indeed a time one’s prone to ‘unravel’.

    here’s to you keeping it together 🙂

    • Specs says:

      LoL @ ‘Unravel’ Thanks Minerva. 🙂
      Though I thought with the level of have-no-time you’re at, you’ll probably be rolling your eyes at me 🙂 *embarrassed*

  20. Sumera says:

    Aww bless. It;ll all come to an end one day!

  21. Cavaliere says:

    Specs’ life threading down? Ohnoes !

  22. studentin96 says:

    sending hugs your way 🙂

  23. mubi says:

    aw *hug*
    LOL first i thought u are talking abt the ‘internet waali threads’ :p

    now shadi makes me sad :/ a friend recently got married

  24. Hey, you’re writing the CFA exam? So am I! Which level? I am completely unprepared and at least u have reason to be distracted – I really have no legitimate reason not to be studying my ass off. Between now and 5th June, it’s goodbye life!

    This post made me deathly afraid of what I may have to go through over the next year. I would much rather just fast forward to after the wedding so that I can be spared endless discussions on guest lists and decor.

    Good luck with everything! 🙂

    • Specs says:

      Level I, the bane of my existence!

      I hope I didn’t put you off weddings, LoL. It isn’t all that bad, really. 😉

      • closetblogger says:

        With your background it’ll be a piece of cake!

        I was never into weddings to begin with – making plans for my own is terrifying. It means I will actually have to be a… BRIDE! *gasp* 😛

        • Specs says:

          LoL- this is making me ROFL for reasons my old readers understand- I think I’ve been blogging against weddings since… forever. That was like the dominant theme on this blog for AGES, LoL (before I removed the 250ish posts, oops, hehehe)

          Re: my background- I have excuse whatsoever to fail – that, for some reason, panics me more than the actual exam itself! 😦

  25. Sadia says:

    Just stopping by to give you a *hug* 🙂 And good luck with everything! 😉

  26. д§mд says:

    wooops some routine … Thanks god I’m done with this time .. heheh … Prioritize things … shoes and bags kind of stuff can be done in few days time .. dresses though takes time .. all the best 🙂

    So how are things going now?

  27. INAL says:

    One threadless hug coming at you from NY, hang in there kid! It will soon before – but get some rest- don’t want your wedding picture to look like you did “unravel” as one of your friends posted!

    Maybe a few gym sessions can be substituted for some deep muscle body massages with warm oil and a sauna bath. That might help you calm down.

  28. Ohh! I can TOTALLY COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND the situation you must be going through. And trust me thats the worst part about marriages, 😦 Sara shopping ka shauq jaisy is shopping spree per he khatam hotaja hai :/

    I’m going through all of it too.. :/ but this sounds MORE painful for you as you’re a working woman.

  29. Achelois says:

    You need a hug and you def. need some sleep.


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