Enter: Real Life

The comments on the last post made me realize, Gawd, I haven’t really told you guys anything about what marriage looks like from Behind My Specs. I’m at a loss here so … how about leaving me some questions? Ask me!
I’ll answer them even if anonymous but I’d like to know some names if you can.
How’s that? I don’t often invite probes into my personal life but oh-the-well. Can’t think of anything else.
Meanwhile, Matt dearest has taken to stalking Mr. Specs- Facebook, chat, texts… you name it, he’s there. I swear if I have to sit through one more video chat about exhaust pipes and circuit breakers, something’s gonna get broken and its not MY head I’m talking about. Hrpmh.
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28 Responses to Enter: Real Life

  1. smacula says:

    haha…aww cute lil matt 🙂

  2. Sumera says:

    Matt is probably enamoured with Mr Specs..you must be too 😉

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  4. Shawna says:

    Yay! Please describe a day in your new life. 🙂

  5. mssnaz says:

    ooh what to ask, lol now you’ve given us the opportunity my mind has gone completely blank!!
    Does mr. specs know that you blog?
    and I suppose the REALLY obvious question is, how are you getting on with the in-laws?


  6. 'liya says:

    What do you miss the most? 🙂

  7. Why still MISS specs? O_o

  8. Gaia says:

    Yayyy! Welcome back 🙂 Ok here goes:
    What’s changed the most from single life to married life? Do you feel like a different person? Are you decked out in make-up and jewelry every day? Do you miss alone time? Privacy issues? What’s it like to be a “wife” :D? Are you the happiest you’ve ever been in your whole entire life?

  9. Saadat says:

    What, in your opinion, are things that a new husband should not do (apart from having video chats with his bro-in-law about exhaust pipes and circuit breakers)?

  10. 'liya says:

    um both! 🙂

  11. youngMuslimah says:

    how much meher did you get? 😛 lol..kidding i just want a proper post on the whole wedding!

  12. Cav. says:

    Is sex a huge high ?! As everybody believes ? 😛

    Well, did I go overboard with the liberty?

  13. sobia says:

    What is the change that you hate the most? And love the most?

  14. aapa says:

    do you feel you can be just as open in the new family as you were back home???

  15. Nandini says:

    so do you recommend shaadi for all of us unmarried ones?
    that is my question…

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  17. nadia says:

    I’ll ask my questions chat per 😀

    Miss you!

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