As it stands…

For some reason, its not fun to blog when you don’t have to make sure the boss isn’t around… I mean it just kinda beats the whole point of it.

London has been terribly boring. I wait all day for Mr. Specs to come home. Straightening my hair, curling my hair, putting on nail-polish and taking it off, reading romance novels… all house-wifely things get real old, real quick. I AM SICK OF THE IDLENESS!

Cooking is the only thing I really love to do but with only 2 people in the house and no social life whatsoever, putting anything together uses up all the skills I acquired preparing for the GMAT… and its equally draining; trying to divide 1/4 tsp mustard, 1/2 cup cream, 2.5 Oz of flour etc in a ‘Serves 6’ by 3 gets very exhausting after a while.

I know I should take up painting or bird-watching or something to while the hours away but the sheer effort of getting out of bed on a rainy morning and trying to wash my hands at one of those wash basins with cold and hot water taps a foot away from each other… the mere thought is daunting enough to make me want to curl up and go back to sleep. Which I do.

I never reckoned a lack of love for dining out and absolutely no inclination to shop will leave me so handicapped. GRRR!

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  1. sobia says:

    Maybe it’s time you made a love for dining out and shopping? What is it with cold and hot taps? One’s cold, one’s hot, what’s so difficult to understand?! 😛

    • Specs says:

      Okay Boba, explain to me why those taps are so far away. I don’t want my fingers to freeze- neither do I want to scald them. But there is no other option, it seems. So I have found a way around it… I wash my hands in the shower 😀 (Though that does involve some splashes around the bathroom but what the hey)

  2. Shawna Ayoub says:

    Oooh. Start geocaching. 🙂

  3. Shawna Ayoub says:

    Great idea #3: Have a baby.

    Oh, wait. Then you will be bored, lonely and overtired (instead of just bored and lonely).

  4. Anas Imtiaz says:

    Its good you dont love dining out, because then you’d be heartbroken. I’m yet to find a place which I can safely go to eat without needing extra salt and spice 😛

    Also if you’re bored NOW, just wait for winters to come. 😀 😀

    • Specs says:

      I’ve heard the Lebanese places praised to no end… LOL@ salt: that does seem to be a problem here, specially with the vegetables! What is it with boiling carrots and peas all pheekay

      Re winters: OMG, Mr. Specs is always saying the same thing…. but since I don’t ever venture out, does it really make a difference? I mean I still haven’t seen Buckingham Palace and saw Hyde Park just yesterday… and am well into my second month here. What does that say about me 😦

      • Anas Imtiaz says:

        Its only your second month. I practically lived in Central London for about a year with my uni next to three famous museums and Hyde Park within walking distance and I didn’t care to visit them. Its okay as a visitor I guess. You might enjoy other cities actually. I like Cambridge, Southampton and Manchester. Scotland is a good place to visit. Very good infact.

        Also, I’m assuming you’re having fun in Ramadan, with the long days 😀

        • Specs says:

          Oooh, yes, already been to Scotland…. it was breathtaking!

          Ramadan- Oh well, I am liking that I don’t have to do the tea PLUS dinner rigmarole… now there’s only iftaar 😀

          • Susan says:

            I am Scottish and I lived in London for a year. For being such a busy place London can be very lonely. I used to enjoy strolling through Camden market just people watching. There are so many interesting and different people there. I am glad you liked Scotland!

  5. Najeeb says:

    Become a serial killer. Go after the neighbors.

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  7. London has been boring? How is that even possible? You’re scaring me – I’m moving in a few months and will probably be in a similar position until I find a job. Go out, see the city, take walks, shop!

    • Specs says:

      London is EXTREMELY boring. Its so huge and so expensive … unless you love wandering about in stores (which I don’t) though I do hear the stores here are God’s gift to shoppers and you can spend days on Regent Street itself but erm, well… we will figure something out between the two of us. Don’t worry! 😀

      • Don’t say it’s boring!! I’m leaving all my family and friends to move to a place where I know about 3 people and am already kind of freaked out about the winters! But I’m also really excited, I think it will be an amazing experience. U should do some sightseeing, act like a tourist – I totally plan on doing that for the first few months I live there. Which part are u in?

        P.S How did that exam that shall not be named go? I didn’t make mine 😦 still debating on whether or not to give it another shot.

        • Specs says:

          The houses have heating 😛 And you will have a coat. No need to freak out about winters 😀

          I’ll act touristy when you come!

          I didn’t make mine because of ECONOMICS! *horror* And a 9 band when failing just plain SUCKS. But I am sitting again this December… you should go for July so that you also have it as a back-up thing-to-do when you come here… the days will be easier to fill that way

          • U make some good points. Ethics and fixed income totally screwed me! Yeah, best to do it while it’s still fresh in your mind so it’s more revision than anything else? Maybe I will… thinking about it and will decide by the end of Ramadaan.

            You’ll act touristy with me? Wow, I’m flattered! I think it would be awesome hanging out with u, seeing as how the parallels in our lives are kind of creepy 😛 (and u seem like such fun company!)

            P.S Ramadaan Mubarak 🙂

          • Specs says:

            End of Ramadan? The last day for fee is August 23rd! 🙂

            I am surprised Fixed Income and Ethics were really kind to me and I were dreading them!

            Sure, come on over and I’ll make a tourism itinerary 😀

  8. Minerva says:


    I can’t believe this. You sound just like me.


  9. smacula says:

    you need to know the right people. the right places

    ps… buckingham palace is next to hyde park 😛

    pps… portobello road… little italy… primrose hill… my favourite places in london (and not that popular)

    ppps…. hyde park is next to edgeware road… the arab hub of europe… where u get that lebanese food

    pppps… (and boba as well) i am with speccy on the cold/hot tap thingie! but speccy u can buy somin that joins them two together.

    ppppps… i repeat… know the right people 😛

  10. iMuslim says:

    There’s always me. 🙂

    What are your plans for Ramadan? E-mail me.

    • Specs says:

      Yeah but I thought with studies and all, you’d be heavily committed 😳

      No plans for Ramadan as such…. got any ideas? I’m game 🙂

  11. Ugly Shoelace says:

    But :(, London is awesome.

  12. Marigold says:

    if you want a job – i can tell my chacha to give you one at his B&B. im sure he’ll appreciate your financial background. it will be under the table, of course – in case you have issues with that. he gave one of my other friend’s nand a job too except she was a complete loser but at least i can totally vouch for you:)

    • Specs says:

      Mari, that’s really sweet of you yaar!! *<3* (friend's NAND? Like whaaa? :-P)

      Hey, call me some time. I am too poor to do it myself (read MISER)

  13. uglyduckling91 says:

    Omg! You’re alive!

  14. д§mд says:

    welcome to the exciting life in uk 😉

    I’ve been here for almost 1 1/2 year and I havent still seen Buckingham palace just because im not interested either 😀 (though I’ve seen lots of other things and places that I am sure local desis have never seen yet ;)) Edgware rd is one place I ask my husband to take me to after every few weeks … it seems like our kind of place … halal and ronaqi :>

    As for cold and hots, see if you can work around some T junction on taps … Ive seen it working quite well in few homes. I dont know why these goras still have them .. but probably they are not so keen of washing like us 😉 Another tip: If you want to go to washrooms in public, use the ones for disabled 😀

    Covent garden market is nice too, you’ll find it on Piccadilly line .. spend august and september roaming around … after that days would be short and nostalgic so be prepared … also for (free) calls around, check out voips online.

    ps: you’ve got my mail .. mssg me whenever needed .. we can probably have a nice talk 🙂

    • Specs says:

      That’s terrific, д§mд ! Thanks for all the practical tips and how-to… and yay @ Buckingham Palace 😀 Finally, someone like me!!

      Hope your little bundle of joy is well 🙂 xoxo!

  15. Fa says:

    Lol…you could take up some classes..or perhaps even give tuition classes since you’re too good in your field of the way Ramadan Mubarak!!

  16. Gaia says:

    Go to:
    Alexandra Palace/Muswell Hill and feed the ducks 🙂
    Post-married life is pretty boring… what’s with husbands having to work long hours and falling asleep as soon as they get home? Thankfully, I still have a job but I can totally relate… lol!

    Ramadan Mubarak btw, what did you make for your first iftar 🙂 ?

    • Specs says:

      I made Fruit Chat, Some minced meat wrapped in puff pastry, Channa Chat, Oven Chips and Spring Rolls 😛 And strawberry milkshake (don’t ask *sigh*)

  17. Gaia says:

    you HATE London???! Gasp! no way! let’s trade places? I’ve still got my admission at Imperial on hold 🙂

  18. Sumera says:

    Yah waiting at home for the Mr isn’t quite as exciting as people make it out to be. I could only hack that for 2 months, after which I went and got a job! 😀 Now we hardly have time for one another LOL no happy medium here in Londinium

    And London is very boring when you only have yourself for company, i’ve been there and done that

  19. Saadat says:

    Just go out and watch Inception. Then you’ll be spending all day trying to make some sense out of it.

    (No, I haven’t seen it yet. They didn’t release it in Land of the Pure. Boo!)

    On second thought, it’s Ramadan. So I’m gonna agree with Shawna: go out geocaching instead. It’s a brilliant idea!

    • Specs says:

      “On second thought, its Ramadan” 😛 yeah, also not one for geocaching with a 3:5-8:35 roza 😛

      I didn’t get any time to go to the cinema (yes, there’s a riddle :-P- ah well, Mr wants to go with me and since he never ‘has time’, I don’t get to go either) Lets hope things look up hehehe

  20. When my wife and I are back in town, we’ll allhang out! 😛

  21. urooba says:

    You should start a blog.

    OH WAIT.


  22. anonymoustwin says:

    50 …….ok thats a lot of comments on one post 😛 lol … atleast ur blog buddies dont let u feel lonely. 🙂 …

  23. mubi says:

    ohoo i come n comment after 51 comments !! do i get somthing for being the 52 comment maker :p

    lol, i so agree with the hot n cold taps !!

  24. mubi says:

    @specs and sobia… btw i dont know where to pass my msg to sobia but ur blog 😀 so sobia, i saw you follow my blog (or i fancy that :p ) umm and i used to read ur blog once upon a time but now i cant access your blog 😦

  25. First deadline for L2 is 22 September as far as I remember… I should double check that. What a pain that we need to get the books again – I hear there are minimal changes to level 2 for next year. Have u started r-reading yet? I’ll be there in February Insha Allah 🙂

  26. No One says:

    I am doing a lot of window shopping…and my mother in law…rules the kitchen…I kinda help…like set the table…and that’s pretty much it…

    Most of my time is spent surfing…and talking on the phone…or being at Starbucks at the moment…to just get away from it all…

    I go through Cleaning the room like crazy sessions…sometimes…

    • Specs says:

      Aw NoOne *hugs* Well, I’m alone here but when I was at the in-laws, the same went for me too

      Though I’m loving the freedom of cooking what I want, when I want it

      Please, someone wish cleaning-like-crazy sessions on me… I HATE cleaning up!

  27. JDee says:

    Yah, I found London to be boring as well. And the taps, tell me about it!
    Btw, Ramzan Mubarak. Hope all’s well in the married life apart from the boredom.

  28. Susi Spice says:

    hey chicken,

    i know im like days late on this one haha but why dont you do some volunteer work somewhere??
    1. ull meet new people.
    2. get to feel like ur contributing to society much more effectively rather than just sitting back using up all the air
    3. it will look good on a resume and it could lead to a good job (because ull meet new people).
    do something fun something u are interested in… and ull be racking up some big brownie points with the big guy upstairs 😀

  29. lovetodaydream says:

    omg, I HATED those double taps!!! What is the point of them????

    I still haven’t managed to be brave and go there, I will let you know when I do so we can go to the British Museum or to musicals together!:-) athough erm..first I need money and super powers to take me to the UK haha.

    I agree with what someone said, why don’t you write a book? Just start about different things and soon one subject will start developing on its could be good:-)

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