Why its true…

… that matches are made in Heaven.

If nothing, marriage makes a believer out of you.

Of course, its not to say the couple will always be the same. Obviously one will be better than the other *wink*


NoOne just celebrated her one month anniversary which sent me back to my time (I sound a thousand years old). ‘So,’ I said to Mr. over an international call (poor Mr’s pocket) to London, ‘you’re becoming a proper husband’

‘Er, how?’ he says.

‘You forgot our one month anniversary… and I would not have forgiven you that, had I remembered it myself. Its only when everyone was asking me to treat them to a night out that I was informed its our one month anniversary.’

‘Haha,’ he says, ‘you forgot too? I’m sorry, I kept on reminding myself last week to make a note but it just slipped my mind. Sorry!’

We laugh a bit.

‘So, I was telling myself over and over to remember the 4th and then I just plain forgot! Hehehe,’ he says.

‘4th?’ I say, ‘our anniversary would’ve been on the 3rd.’


‘Okay NOW you’re in trouble.’

Dear God, for two people like this to end up together… miracle I tell you (no, Cosmic Joke is not a synonym)

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23 Responses to Why its true…

  1. Ugly Shoelace says:

    haha! funny.

    I NEVER remember birthdays, anniversaries or names for that matter :(.

  2. Mezba says:

    Google calendar!



    Luckily, MD and my wedding anniversary is on my youngest brother’s birthday…. I am sure I wont be *that* careless.

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  5. Haris Gulzar says:

    I think we need people in our lives who can say things and then make us believe in those things, even if they force us into believing them. Marriages are probably made in heaven, but only the ones that last, right? Otherwise why would a marriage be unsuccessful if it was made in heaven…
    This is something we train ourselves to believe into… Maybe unwantingly (if thats a word) at times… But its good, rather perfect, if people have faith in that marriages are made in heaven and they try their best to make their marriage a success.
    May Allah SWT bless you…

  6. UTP says:

    3 cheers for normality in marriage or normalism or normalcy… whatever the english word … please no more reminders… live each day… no need to remember the monthlyversaries and yearlyversaries….


  7. H says:

    Hahahaha! I know a couple that forgot their nine year anniversary. Lol!

  8. My fiance remembers every single anniversary (today it’s 6 months since we got engaged btw) and it’s prettttyyy hard to keep up. Role reversal much? It’s usually the girls who keep a tab on such things. I always pretend to remember when he brings it up. Let’s see when I slip up 🙂

  9. Sophi says:

    haha…..made for each other *wink*

  10. д§mд says:

    miracle indeed 🙂

    I thank Allah for blessing me with the bestest match everyday .. 🙂

  11. Gaia says:

    wow… i just realized it’s our 2-month anniversary today… lol! i’m really enjoying your post-marriage posts 🙂

  12. Amongst my parents, one of them has to forget. It’s a ritual I see. 😛
    Maybe you’ll both get used to it?

  13. True matches are made in heaven.

  14. Hicham Maged says:

    Ah! Un homme et un femme: the story of human beings 🙂
    Anyway, I wish both of you a happy life.

  15. Sumera says:

    It only gets worse! :p

  16. hfm says:

    Aww mashallah x

  17. Cav. says:

    I guess it’s more appropriate to put “If nothing, marriage makes a believer out of you” as “….makes a fatalist out of you”.

  18. Cav. says:

    And…uh…I forgot to say: a believer is not necessarily a fatalist or contrariwise.

  19. Uni says:

    :). Very cute!

  20. haha thats kayute. (Y)

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