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Enter Real Life: More …

Carrying on from the last post, then…. more questions! Mssnaz is the person who inspired me to start blogging… erm, anyone notice the similarity in names? 😉 Yes, its a derivative of hers! … I suppose the REALLY obvious question is, … Continue reading

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Enter: Real Life- A day in my life

Wow @ the questions on the previous post– talk about variety! Well, here we go then. Shawna asked me to describe a day in my new life. I just have a word of caution- don’t judge me. I promise I’ll … Continue reading

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Enter: Real Life

The comments on the last post made me realize, Gawd, I haven’t really told you guys anything about what marriage looks like from Behind My Specs. I’m at a loss here so … how about leaving me some questions? Ask … Continue reading

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This Is How It Is …

Mr. Specs *looks up from laptop*: You were looking nice that day Specs *looks up from novel* : What day? Mr. Specs: On our wedding day … Specs: Uh Huh *goes back to book* *5 mins* *insert realization* Specs: You … Continue reading

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The rest of my life …

Its strangely…. normal. The wedding was… fantastic. I was in office till 18 hours before the wedding. I bought the shoes while en route to the parlor. I was late for my appointment, of course. Then I left the shoes in … Continue reading

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TOW The Wedding Dress

Characters: M- brother, 18 Matt- brother, 12 A-sister, 16 Specs Specs’ Mum ********* Scene: The Specs Family Living Room- Specs has tried on her wedding dress’ shirt and is asking for public opinion on if it fits right ********* M: … Continue reading

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