Book Reviews


6 Responses to Book Reviews

  1. falakk says:

    Why is this page empty, me lowve? Fill it up already! I wanna know what I should read next (after I’ve read the 17 on my pile already… :P).

    Love, Falak

  2. Specs says:

    Because I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to publish a post there and link it here. :S

    Its a STATIC page. I’m gonna delete it.

  3. Don’t delete it!
    what’s a STATIC page?

    That means it cannot have any posts on it

  4. boba says:

    The book you are reading right now (in your side bar thing) is really good dontya think??!

    The Midnight Doggie thingy? 😉 Yes, it is!

  5. mand says:

    You could post as usual, then put the post title in here and use the link wotnot in the WordPress toolbar, adding reviews manually, not too much trouble unless you’re doing a review every day. I’m sure there is a way of adding the ‘feed’ (probably based on tagging them all the same, say ‘review’ 😉 ), but i don’t know it without going to the Help forums.

    hth! (Nipped across here to explore, from Shaz’s blog.)

  6. you can give your reivew links on this page with the title of the book.

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