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Why its true…

… that matches are made in Heaven. If nothing, marriage makes a believer out of you. Of course, its not to say the couple will always be the same. Obviously one will be better than the other *wink* ********* NoOne just … Continue reading

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This Is How It Is …

Mr. Specs *looks up from laptop*: You were looking nice that day Specs *looks up from novel* : What day? Mr. Specs: On our wedding day … Specs: Uh Huh *goes back to book* *5 mins* *insert realization* Specs: You … Continue reading

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Thou shalt not weigh more than thy refrigerator

If you’ve never been to the gym, I wouldn’t place a bet on your cardiovascular health but I would tell you for sure you’ve missed on a real experience. Here are some things I’ve observed over the years. Feel free … Continue reading

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Command-amendment: Thou Shalt Keep Thyself Updated With The Language of The Age

I really had no idea that not ‘getting with‘ the latest in language could be so detrimental and make you sound like an alien in front of the more informed crowd. Until I met a similarly linguistically unequipped lady at a … Continue reading

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Mum’s right: I’m useless *gasp*

I always thought it a good thing that my parents don’t know what I do. Sure, they know where I work, but since I’m in finance and they’re in Geology and Endocrinology respectively, the last thing they want to know … Continue reading

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The ‘S’ word

If you thought you’d never hear of a female whose mother was desperate because she wouldn’t go shopping, well, now you have. I HATE shopping. My mum’s near tears because I wouldn’t go shopping. In fact, she said she’ll get … Continue reading

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