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Enter: Real Life… on what not to do

Here’s a list as per Saadat‘s query… The comprehensive list of what new husbands should not do or say Keep TOO in touch with current affairs and watch Geo News for an hour the first morning ‘You were putting on your make-up; I … Continue reading

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Enter Real Life: More …

Carrying on from the last post, then…. more questions! Mssnaz is the person who inspired me to start blogging… erm, anyone notice the similarity in names? 😉 Yes, its a derivative of hers! … I suppose the REALLY obvious question is, … Continue reading

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Enter: Real Life- A day in my life

Wow @ the questions on the previous post– talk about variety! Well, here we go then. Shawna asked me to describe a day in my new life. I just have a word of caution- don’t judge me. I promise I’ll … Continue reading

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Enter: Real Life

The comments on the last post made me realize, Gawd, I haven’t really told you guys anything about what marriage looks like from Behind My Specs. I’m at a loss here so … how about leaving me some questions? Ask … Continue reading

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This Is How It Is …

Mr. Specs *looks up from laptop*: You were looking nice that day Specs *looks up from novel* : What day? Mr. Specs: On our wedding day … Specs: Uh Huh *goes back to book* *5 mins* *insert realization* Specs: You … Continue reading

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TOW The Wedding Dress

Characters: M- brother, 18 Matt- brother, 12 A-sister, 16 Specs Specs’ Mum ********* Scene: The Specs Family Living Room- Specs has tried on her wedding dress’ shirt and is asking for public opinion on if it fits right ********* M: … Continue reading

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